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INTERNAL NAME: training_aim_csgo2_dark A versatile and powerful map for training your aim, based on kataS' original training_aim_csgo. If you like my map, consider showing. FREE Aim Trainer accurately simulating your favourite FPS & Multiplayer games in different arenas. Improve your aiming practice now. #AimToConque

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  2. g skill, these tips will get you there extremely quick! Get skins for 40% off.
  3. Because of my age, a lot of people are curious about my opinions on training, and how I got to the position where I am this soon, so I since right now I am going to be sitting in a bus for 5 hours straight, driving home from our bootcamp in Prague, I decided to cover parts of how I usually train for you, great folks of reddit. So I decided to dedicate this article to Aim training, because that.
  4. 4. Improve Aim - CS:GO - How to improve your aim; 5. Best Weapons - CS:GO - Best weapons 2018; Get your crosshair sorted. Now that you've found the perfect mouse sensitivity for you, it's time to do the same for your crosshair. For this you'll need to setup a config or auto-exec file, which we've detailed in our CS: GO - How to create an auto.
  5. g is one of the most important skills in CS, so who better than the legend Coldzera to help you in improving your aim.
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CSGO's mechanics are almost identical. So, if you don't have access to Valorant's beta, using practice maps in CSGO will definitely improve your aim in Riot's upcoming competitive title. We recommend having a look at custom aim maps by Yesber, who has a very wide array of aim modes on different maps. Valorant's in-game practice mod How to get better in CSGO. Improve your skill and get better aim. Nowadays, it is important how to rank up in CSGO and get better in it. So, to get a good knowledge of training and how to do it, you must read this post. History of CS is quite long and it began from the game which name was CS 1.6, but to tell the truth, methods of training now are the same. You should be patient and take a deep.

Aim training in CS:GO also means learning the unique spray patterns of every weapon. But in general, the training mentioned above will make you a steadier shot, and the important thing is to train. Pro CS:GO gamer Ankit Panth explains how someone can get better at aiming by making some simple changes in how they approach the game. Red Bull Flick is India's first-ever 2v2 CS:GO tournament. Der dritte Teil von sonnyaners Video-Reihe How to aim ist da! Nachdem er letztes Mal Profi-Spieler Rak interviewed hat, geht es dieses mal wieder in den praktischen Teil über. In seinem aktuellen Video stellt er euch eine Trainings-Map für Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) vor: training_aim_csgo. CS:GO How to aim What makes Training: Bot Aim Course 2 good for AWP training? Features 40 Targets, moving and non-moving. Options to randomize target locations, enable or disable targets with armor, and enable or disable infinite ammo FPS Aim Training supports many resolutions, aspect rations, and sensitivities, so you can recreate your perfect environment from your favorite First Person Shooters! Get in the zone fast with FPS Aim Training, and warm up for a competitive match of the most intense FPS games out there

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  2. How to actually improve your (tracking) aim in FPS games in two short steps. Hello, I am a season 3 and season 4 grandmaster player. I've seen a lot posts throughout my time on this subreddit, and I don't agree on the ways people have been trying to help others improve their aim. For this reason, I'm gonna make a short step by step guide to something i believe will help more than any drills.
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No amount of external skillset can compensate for your inability to aim. Sooner or later you'll have to take your time to improve your aim if you're looking to get better at the game. Here are 5 CSGO aiming tips which guarantee improvements Sensitivity. Finding the perfect sensitivity for you is non-optional in a game like CSGO. Even a 0.1. Map 3: Training Aim CSGO 2 (Credit to Friberg) The third map I go to has two great benefits: it practices your flicking aim, but most importantly gives you confidence in your aim. If you ever swap sensitivity I also suggest spending some time on this map just to get used to it. There's a ton of settings you can set on this map and play around. Before starting, I would like to tell you that this training will take only 30 Minutes. I found a great way with the same old maps you already played but this time, our approach will be different. Hope you will have a good read! Practice #1 - Aim Warmup (10 Mins is Max): Map Name: aim_bot Best Aim Training Exercises An essential piece of improving your point is practice, practice and more practice. When you have your mouse set up pleasantly, and all your other video settings arranged, it's a great opportunity to put aside 10-15 minutes each time you boot up CS:GO to sharpen your crosshair precision and manufacture some muscle memory

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Aim Training Maps. Aim training maps are a fun way for beginners to practice as they can keep track of things like your speed and accuracy and also can be played alot of different ways. For example this map, training_aim_csgo, has a mode where green dots will appear at random locations on the wall. You have only a few seconds to shoot the dots. Training Routine. Reaction time spreadsheet every day. Aim_training_csgo_2, This is an edited version of the reaction time spreadsheet for you to use if you so choose. 10-15 minutes of training_aim_csgo_2 spray transfer. And then of course, playing the game. This is a good base that you can change to fit your needs! How to improv 【CSGO】Stewie2K Aim Training. KotiWA. 895播放 · 0弹幕 1:05:57. CSGO萌新基础向教学讲解视频 . linkoS. 1265播放 · 9弹幕 18:01 【2018推荐】5个CSGO必备的创意工坊地图! Notar1a. 11.0万播放 · 139弹幕 08:03. 练枪练习. xiolio. 1239播放 · 0弹幕 25:29 (CSGO)练枪时听的音乐超(。・∀・)ノ゙嗨 Mix 1 - Training Music - Warmup Musi. CS:GO - How to improve your aim Our CS:GO how to improve aim guide contains various ways to improve your aim in CS:GO, including details on the best aim training mods, mouse sensitivity tweaks and aim training exercises. You could sit there and watch thousands upon thousands of hours' worth of the best CS:GO player doing their thing, explaining the best positions to hold, how the game's.

Train To Aim has Maryland State Licensed Firearm Instructors who will provide the full training course required by law in order to wear and carry a handgun. We provide the training, work with you in filling out your application, and take you to the range to complete your training and obtain a scoresheet. HQL is included in the course at no extra charge! Appointments are made at your. There are like a gazillion maps you can find in the community workshop that you can use to improve your aim. However, that certainly does not mean that all of them are worth it and will give you the results that you desire. Heck, some are so ridiculous that you will probably worsen the case. It is important to know what you want to train and go into a training map with that mindset. Killing. Aim Mode. The aim mode in a CSGO Aimbot is very straightforward. It is either set at head or chest. If it is set to chest, the aimbot will lock onto the enemy's chest, and if it is set to head, it will lock onto the enemy's head. How to improve your own aim with a CSGO Aimbo No matter how good your aim is, it is always possible to improve. If you are trying to reach Global Elite for the first time or just looking to improve, you should check out our guide on how to improve aim in CS:GO How to aim better in CS:GO - Crosshair Placement - Being good at aiming is pretty much half of what makes you a better CS:GO Player. The other half is game sense, to be familiar to maps and teamplay. We break down aiming into the following 3 areas raw aim, reflex and crosshair placement

Here are some of the best tips on how to get better at CS:GO. If you want to improve your CS:GO gameplay, you will have to improve your skill which consists of 5 separate aspects. Thus being your aim, movement, in-game sens, map knowledge, and CS:GO economy management. Each of those is equally important for you to improve your overall gameplay and rank-up. Stay tuned to this article and find. Games > Counter Strike Global Offensive > csgo Servers SEARCH Searching: Counter Strike Global Offensive Servers playing maps matching aim_map PREV 1 2 NEXT View 15 25 50 items per page. Rank Gm: Server Name: Players: Loc: IP:Port: Server Map: 717. -=WarmupServer=-™ AIMMAP ★DM★MultiCFG★128T★ 3/15 aim_map_classic 905. UpC eLite #2 [TRAINING] by ComunidadUpC. Using Fortnite Creative aim maps have some advantages over playing an aim trainer like Kovaak's. For example, you'll use the same weapons that are actually in the game so you can get familiar with those, and you'll use the same third-person perspective to better train your intuition Training the Unconscious Mind. Unconsciously, you train yourself to shoot first without aiming. That becomes part of you even if you don't want to. If you're used to playing with the shoot first, aim second because you play on pubs a lot, then that's what you'll AUTOMATICALLY do even in match situations

Der dritte Teil von sonnyaners Video-Reihe How to aim ist da! Nachdem er letztes Mal Profi-Spieler Rak interviewed hat, geht es dieses mal wieder in den praktischen Teil über. In seinem aktuellen Video stellt er euch eine Trainings-Map für Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) vor: training_aim_csgo. CS:GO How to aim Ziel der Video-Reihe ist es dem Durchschnittsspieler nützliche Tipps. How to efficiently improve your aim in Apex Legends. One fan showed the community a better option for shooting drills than Apex's training mode Train to Aim is a MD training academy that provides handgun training and permits, security guard certification, private detective training, and more I have compiled three words for you outside of the training that will significantly help you improve every shot you take. Doing theses things will greatly help to improve your aim in Valorant. Crouching: Jumping and moving around is a great way to make yourself a difficult target from your enemy. The only problem with this is that it. In this video I will be talking about the science and how to improve your aim the best way I'm using terms like eye hand coordination, muscle memory and more Rapportere

Map training_aim_csgo (Counter-Strike GO), Screenshots, Karten, Karten training_aim_csgo. Stadtplan herunterlade In diesem Aim Training Tutorial / Guide erkläre ich euch wie ihr in CS GO euer Aim verbessern und so auch insgesamt besser werden könnt. Im wesentlichen hängt euer. 99Damage berichtet über die nationale und internationale CS:GO-Szene. Hier erfahrt ihr alles über Teams, Spieler. In this post, Delinx gives you four practice routines that should help you as you seek to improve your aim in CS:GO. As is the case in so many computer games, the most basic actions are almost always the most important. When it comes to CS:GO, the action of aiming is fundamental to the success you will have in the game [CS:GO] Aim-Training & Warmup Guide. 18.06.2015 - 00:59 #1. sumish. Benutzer . Offline . 13.02.2017 - 14:17 . 02.01.14 . 97 . Herzlich Willkommen zu meinem Aimprac-Guide, mein Name ist Julian aka. source. Ich habe jahrelang CS:S gespielt und auf mehreren Accounts insgesamt etwa 5.000 Spielstunden vorzuweisen. Da ich allerdings zwischen CS:S und CS:GO eine 3jährige Shooter-Pause hatte.

training aim csgo 2. download. This is CS:GO's best drill map, and it has a ton of customizability. You can tweak it to test almost anything you need to work on, from long-range AWPing to short. Our CSGO tutorial is the perfect place both for beginners and semi-pros! Use the aim training to carry your teammates and win matches at Counter-Strike. Premium Area; Search for: Training; Guides; Pricing; Support; CS:GO tutorial for next eSports stars. Our tutorial helps you understand CS:GO and let you get really good in just a few weeks. Get aim training trusted by over 340,000 players. Aim_Training_CSGO ist ne gute Map die ich jeden Tag mal so 15-30 Minuten je nach Bedarf spiele. Dort kann man Aiming sowie Reaktionszeiten verbessern über 4 Stufen wobei man bei Stufe 1 noch nah dran steht und sprayen kann und bei Stufe 4 muss man sich schon sehr anstrengen (besonders wenn man die Ziele kleiner gestellt hat ;) ) Sonst einfach auf Only Headshot DM Server gehen um das Präzise. HOW TO AIM - training_aim_csgo #1 vor 7 Jahren. sonnyaner Threadersteller 92 Beiträge Hallo, die dritte Folge aus meiner HOW TO AIM Reihe, hoffe sie gefällt euch..

How to Improve Movement in CS:GO. If you want to improve your movement in CS:GO you should try to play as much deathmatch as possible, since it gives you a lot of opportunities for you to practice the different kinds of peeking used in Counter-Strike. Counter strafing, jiggle peeking, wide peeking, and shoulder peeking. Other Guides. I am currently doing a series on how to improve in Counter. How to Aim in Counter Strike. Aiming is the most basic skill in any FPS. This is only compounded due to fact that the Counter-Strike series is known for having the one-tap headshot on some weapons. In order to be competitive in.. Yprac is a collection of services that together make up the Yprac Practice Platform. It can be divided into three unique parts, the Workshop Maps, the Windows Client and the Web Console. The Yprac Workshop Maps on Steam enable you to practice inside the csgo game client, making it simple to apply what you have learned inside a competitive match. A map for training your aim in CS:GO. Contribute to Nuc1eoN/training_aim_csgo2 development by creating an account on GitHub Activities offered by advertising links to other sites may be deemed an illegal activity in certain jurisdictions. Viewers are specifically warned that they should inquire into the legality of participating in any games and/or activities offered by such other sites

Tags: aim, aiming, Counter Strike Global Offensive, CSGO, csgo aiming, csgo aiming verbessern, training. Schon nach kurzer Zeit kommt wohl jeder CS:GO Spieler an einen Punkt, an dem er sich fragt wie man am besten sein CS:GO Aiming verbessern kann. Neben taktischer Spielweise ist das wohl der wichtigste Punkt um in CS:GO wirklich gut zu werden. Natürlich ist es extrem hilfreich, möglichst. Few extensive and well-made guides for CSGO both for newbies and experienced players! No bad news, only good Counter-Strike articles. Premium Area; Search for: Training; Guides; Pricing; Support; CSGO-tutorial.com > Guides. Guides. We'll write tons of CSGO guides in coming months. Easy to understand both for cs:go newbies and advanced players. June 6, 2020. CS:GO pro crosshairs settings (2020.

Our guide to the best current training maps will help you polish your recoil control, reflex, aim and grenade skills - CS:GO - Best training maps 2018 Best Deathmatch maps - Finding the right Deathmatch maps to train on can be tricky, and you definitely don't want to pick up bad habits from badly designed rulesets We could write that every aim map is the best and no aim map is the best. Each of the above maps is valuable and helps the CS:GO community in training! You must decide for yourself which affects you the best. If you can not decide or do not know how to train in Counter-Strike, we recommend starting one of our training plans (in which we have developed the most optimal use of aim maps and all. Other than that, you can use these commands at your will during a competitive CSGO match in order to improve your gameplay. Final Words . This brings us to the end of this guide to useful CS:GO commands to improve your gameplay. All of them are tried and tested, and you can use them without any hesitation. And since many are used by top players, we highly recommend you start using them now. Fundamentals. How to Improve Aim in CS:GO. No matter how good your aim is, it is always possible to improve. If you are trying to reach Global Elite for the first time or just looking to improve, you should check out our guide on how to... Read More. How to Improve Movement in CS:GO. Movement is a skill that is often overlooked when training your skills. Being able to hit those crispy. CSGO - how to improve movement. 1 . Learn to move smart while in combat, for instance, with Sidestep/ Strafe Shooting. The challenge is to synchronize your movement and shooting so that your aim is still precise. While straffing(A +D) your aim is imprecise and when you stop strafing you slide for a very short time. 2. To gain instant.

9. CSGO training maps - Fast Aim / Reflex Training. In this map, there will be bots running, jumping toward you with randomized manners. Your job is to stop them from getting to you. Try to aim for their head with only one shot to improve your reflexes. This is where you train your reflexes 10. CSGO training maps - Training: Bot Aim V5 AIM - 'The Training Firm', Karatschi. Gefällt 21.811 Mal. AIM is a training centre with the sole objective of, expanding minds and driving careers of all the individuals of our country

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  1. If your aim is to compete on a higher level, then learning the exact spray pattern and controlling it well, might be something you should learn. Remember each weapon has a different spray pattern and inaccuracy, so you would want to practice with the weapons you use the most - for most people this includes the AK-47, M4A1 and maybe some of the pistols. Also, how much you need to compensate.
  2. g in general. Aim Botz by Mr. uLLeticaL. Nice map where.
  3. g). If you're new to CSGO you might want to read our 5 tips to improve in any FPS before diving into this guide

The Counter-Strike player Yesper has made a gigantic mod pack to each Counter-Strike map, where you can learn utility for each map and at the same time train your aim placement. This map pack is one of the most vital ones for improving beyond Global Elite because it offers such a deep. He also made his over version of aim_botz and recoil master which some people prefer Stress training is forcing your reactions to improve by placing them under extreme stress for several minutes. Listed below are some great ways to improve reaction time. Counter-strike Deathmatch Great for building better reaction-time and aim, but has the adverse effect of making your game sloppy. Deathmatch servers are complete chaos. There's. Über 80% neue Produkte zum Festpreis; Das ist das neue eBay. Finde ‪Cs: Go‬! Kostenloser Versand verfügbar. Kauf auf eBay. eBay-Garantie

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Found a site that may be helpful for those looking to improve your mouse aim and reflexes for FPS gaming. (Link below) It is good fps mouse training simulator using reflexes, muscle memory under a controlled time limit with accuracy score. Fine tuning your mouse settings and with practice on the various mouse accuracy training rounds in site link below, your accuracy scores will increase. How do I play aim_botz map? Ask Question Asked 5 years, 4 months ago. know how I can play it. I was looking at the servers, but I couldn't find it. counter-strike-global-offensive. share | improve this question | follow | edited Feb 4 '15 at 17:57. Bob2Chiv . 2,989 4 4 gold badges 21 21 silver badges 40 40 bronze badges. asked Feb 3 '15 at 13:24. frants frants. 249 1 1 gold badge 2 2. In our Recoil Aim Compensation and Spray Guide, we will examine each weapon in detail, showing you CS GO Recoil Patterns and giving you tips on how to spray in CS GO without a CSGO no recoil script. And sure thing, it's pleasing to kill opponents with neat skins on your weapons. By the way you can buy csgo skins on DMarket. Pistols Glock-1 In this How To article, we'll take a look at some adjustments for aiming in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. We'll also cover some of the console commands, general knowledge about the game mechanics, and some changes you may find that will make you a better player. In the end, we hope new players and experts alike will pick up a few details to improve their game play Train is a memorable and classic Counter-Strike map. We're excited to begin a new chapter in the history of Train by releasing a new and upgraded version for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. We've rebuilt the map from the ground up in order to improve both the visual appearance and competitive gameplay balance of this iconic location. Our primary goals were to improve the gameplay balance of.

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In short: Download Aim -> Extract it on CSGO directory -> Launch the game. Then hack will load itself as soon as game is running. If it does not work, go to execution file properties and check Unblock or run it with administrator rights and after that everything should work fine Admin and Server Console Commands Down below you will find commands you can use for CS:GO on your server, or if you are an admin. rcon_password Login as Admin exec NAMEOFCONFIG.cfg Executes the configuration file mp_buytime Sets the time a Read more

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  1. Aim assist for CSGO with python and tensorflow. Contribute to kir486680/csgo_aim development by creating an account on GitHub
  2. d. Despite all of these features, we are most proud of our customer service. With an average response time of.
  3. Aim training maps can help you get used to your preferred weapons without affecting your win/loss record. Recoil Management . All guns in the game have recoil that will keep them from landing more than a couple of bullets on the same spot. This is a very important factor to consider when using pistols and full-auto guns. With good recoil management, you can land more damaging bursts of fire so.

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How to Improve Your Aim in CSGO. Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a game with complex mechanics and lots of little nuances. While many other first person shooters pay less attention to the behavior of firearms, VALVE developers decided to give each single gun a unique behavioral pattern. This is why you need to learn how to aim better in CSGO. Despite differences in details, all guns have. Карта training_aim_csgo является одной из самых популярных карт для тренировки стрельбы. И не зря, ведь на карта очень гибкая в плане настройки. Здесь есть пять режимов тренировки, такие как стрельба на скорость по мишеням.

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Welcome to the website of Bow & Gun aim training. On this website you'll find all the information you need. Bow Server Gun Server. Server Info. Great Features. All our servers have custom-made plugins that make it possible to give the best experience! Server Specifications. Our servers are equiped with 4ghz processors, 1Gbps uplink and Ddos protection. All needed to deliver the best. No.1 free and easy to use CS:GO tutorial website. Learn to aim, smoke, flash etc. Today aim_training_sonny: Download. In CS:GO dann einfach die Konsole öffnen (ggf. vorher in den Optionen aktivieren und auf eine Taste legen) und map aim_training_sonny eingeben. Ist die Map geladen, werden noch folgende Konsolenbefehle benötigt: bot_kick - Wirft alle Bots aus dem Spiel. sv_cheats 1 - Aktiviert Cheats. mp_startmoney 10000 - Startgeld festlegen. mp_restartgame 1 - Spiel. 9,146 次浏览 这张地图是一张进阶的瞄准练习地图,各种练习方式极大程度满足你的需求xd!不过练得再多打的也是靶子,所以不太推荐大家长期练习这张地图 Oct 1, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Indika Sonnadara. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres

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Aim Training; Money Management; Free Skins; Steam Group. Login to Chat: CSGO-Guides.com. If you want to improve your gameplay or you want to know how much your skin is worth, you have found the right website! We want to help the CS:GO Community to improve their gameplay and we want to show you the different patterns of every skin and every knife. We can also help you to get free skins through. In diesem Video stellt unser Community Mitglied Sonny die Map training_aim_csgo vor. Diese Map eignet sich besonders um sein Aiming weiter zu verbessern. Aus diesem Grund ist dieses Video auch eine weitere Folge der how to aim Reihe von Sonny selbst. Wir wünschen euch viel Spaß mit der neuen Map. Happy Fragging

How to Aim Better - Aim Assist & Aim Training. Last Updated: 2020/5/5 02:23. Hot Topic. Free Multiplayer Weekend Event On June 12 ~ 15! Tweet; Share; Related Featured Articles. Vector (Fennec) - Best Loadout & Attachments. CR-56 AMAX (Galil) - Best Loadout & Attachments . Grau 5.56 - Best Loadout & Attachments. Learn how to aim better and earn more kills in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019. Training ist einer der wichtigsten Aspekte um in Counter Strike dauerhaften Erfolg zu haben. Ohne Training wird man sich, wenn überhaupt, nur sehr langsam verbessern, weshalb man als ernstzunehmender Spieler niemals aufs Training verzichten sollte. Selbstverständlich gibt es mehrere Arten von Training: Das klassische Aimtraining, in dem man das Zielen und die Reflexe trainiert, sowie. Tags: aim train aim_training_sonny Anleitung attaxx cs go lernen Download how to aim interview korrekt zielen rak richtig zielen sonnyaner Team ALTERNATE video wie man richtig zielt zielen lernen zielen üben. Das könnte Dich auch interessieren..

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Map csgo bot training aim maps (CS GO), map screenshots, download map files csgo bot training aim maps. Look map. Tsar var. Game monitoring. Games. ARK: Survival Evolved ; ARMA 3 ; Call of Duty 2 ; Call of Duty 4 ; Counter-Strike 1.6 ; Counter-Strike GO ; Counter-Strike Source ; Garry's Mod ; GTA MTA ; GTA SAMP ; Half-Life 1 ; Half-Life 2 ; Killing Floor 2 ; Left 4 Dead ; Left 4 Dead 2. How to change crosshair. Updated: April 9, 2019 . Do you want to set up new CS:GO crosshair and don't know how to change it? You are in the right place! In this tutorial, we present 3 ways to change crosshair. We will show you how to do it using the console, the config.cfg file and in-game options. 1. Change game options. The first way to change csgo crosshair is to configure the in-game. A constantly updated revision of kataS' training_aim_csgo. - samersultan/training_aim_csgo Tags: all the cs go ranks, cs go ranks, csgo aim training, csgo elo, csgo elo checker, csgo stats, gold nova, how to get global elite, legendary eagle, master guardian Andrew Norton Andrew Norton is a freelance journalist and copywriter particularly skilled in SEO marketing content

How to become a better AWPer . This is your AWP-ortunity to improve at CS:GO's most valuable craft. Jamie Villanueva. Image via Jamie Villanueva. Everyone wants to play the AWP like Counter-Strike. Of course, there's no beating a deliberate aim-training session if you really want to up your competitive game stats, but deepening your understanding of movement in CS:GO can only help. How to. This page explains how to get more XP in CS:GO, and choose the best mode for farming xp to level up quickly. Popular FPS games usually feature an introductory period that aims to ease new players into the games' mechanics and prepare them for ranked play, as well as providing modes outside of a Competitive arena

Also habe ich versucht mein Aim auf training_aim_csgo zu verbessern. Nur leider finde ich es extrem schwer die Kreise zu treffen. Wenn ich mir das genau angucke, dann kann ich erkennen, dass ich eine etwas geringere Sens brauche. Aber ich spiele schon mit 400 dpi + m_rawinput 1 + sens 1.1 und im Matchmaking komme ich mit der auch perfekt zu recht. Man könnte sagen, dass ich einfach viel mehr. Many people are uncertain how to get better aim in CS:GO. There are many theories regarding this topic. Many professional players use aim maps such as Aim_Botz to practice their aim and flick shots on bots. Some players tend to do more Deathmatch, as it doesn't let you slack off as much and you will die if you do not kill your target fast enough. There are also people who rather play 1-on-1. I personally wouldn't recommend it . If you want to be good at CSGO then you should be practising in CSGO as well . Other aim trainers have different mechanics which are not the same in CSGO . I did try some aim trainers and they didn't help much. Improve Your Aim on CSGO. CSGO is a FPS game (first person shooter). This means that the main objective is to kill as many people as possible, but in contrast to the other Counter-Strike titles CSGO is much more team-based and more tactical. However, having skilled players in a team is a very big important part of winning a match. So you really should develop your raw skill, and especially.

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Foi divulgado através do canal kleyplays o vídeo CS:GO - How To Improve Your Aim & Accuracy. Segundo veiculado pelo canal kleyplays: Aim is crucial in CS, here are my tips to get better. Confira o vídeo logo abaixo: No related posts. Notícias CS Navegação de Post. Previous Previous post: 5 DICAS PARA NUNCA EJOAR DO MODO CARREIRA FIFA 20. Next Next post: PES 2018 MYCLUB. CSGO: How To Train Aim - Top 5 Best Aim Maps, In this video I will be going over the top 5 best maps to practice your aim. A good aim is a vital skill of a csgo player so its important to train your aim. Players like Scream are known to have a really good aim which gets them lots of kills. In this video I list the 5 best aim maps on which I learned how to aim good. I hope you enjoy the video. How to Improve Aim in PUBG, Fortnite and CSGO January 3, 2019 Just having a good game sense doesn't make you a professional gamer. what makes you great is your aim accuracy, reflexes, and real-time decision-making skills during that intense round Aim and Shoot - specific strategies to improve your aim (covered in video extensively) Kill Entire Squads - practice your skills in a live situation against multiple enemies REMEMBER: where is the enemy? how many are there? do i have good cover? can they see me? will i get hit? where am i looking? 360 degrees? or tunnel vision? can i get a shot in? shoot to scare or kill CSGO Aim Training. S-iLaS. 449播放 · 0弹幕 23:44. CS:GO 职业选手在AIM BOTZ中是如何训练的 (ft. ScreaM, FalleN, Shroud, stewie2k, fer, NBK) Sam-CSGO. 7901播放 · 41弹幕 48:07. USP ARENA和朋友随便打打 . knilb-CSGO-265播放 · 0弹幕 02:55. CSGO - ScreaM爆头哥2018年的游戏设置与所用外设! Super5tituM. 3.5万播放 · 67弹幕 01:50 【CS:GO】创意.

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